@Sensordrone: Crowd sourced citizen science data

Sensordrone 01

What is Sensordrone? How did the idea arose?

Sensordrone is a very small multiple sensor device that communicates with smartphones with Bluetooth.  It is a platform technology with the potential to run hundreds of consumer apps.  Developers can use Sensordrone to make new smartphone apps with environmental sensors.  Developers can also use Sensordrone to connect other hardware to smartphones by using Sensordrone’s open API and existing bluetooth connection.

What good is Sensordrone? What are their actual benefits for the citizen?

Sensordrone can replace many devices, such as carbon monoxide detector, light sensor, temperature & humidity sensors, barometer, altimeter, alcohol breath analyzer, non-contact thermometer, and many more.

In your opinion, what is civic intelligence and how is it related to your initiative?

Crowd sourced citizen science data is very interesting.  If many people have Sensordrone, they can measure and share weather data, pollution data, and some health data.

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